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October 24, 2020

My son has reached marriageable age. If you are wondering how I found out, relatives, friends, all and sundry have started asking me ‘eppo kalyana sappadu poda pora? (when are you going to give us a wedding feast?). As if the feast was the most important thing, that a young man’s happin  freedo bachelorhood could be sacrificed for (let it be known that certain words were struck out for want of a better word and not because I was scared of something or somebody). So having discovered that my son had attained marriageable age, I broached the subject with him somewhere towards the end of the last year, he said he was not ready yet. Naturally I was confused, there were a majority of people who thought that the time was ripe for my son’s marriage and here was my son who thought he was not ready. Being a proud citizen of a democratic country I always valued majoritarian views, so I told him, ‘At your age I was married and you were born’, a dialogue I had resolved I would never utter, especially whenever I was subjected to the same taunt ‘At your age…..’. But that is the way the cookie crumbles. He looked at me as if to say, look where it has brought you. I got the message and agreed that I would give him one more year ‘to get ready’.

Then a couple of life changing events happened. Covid 19 and my retirement. Though initially the lockdown , was a welcome change, actually the working hours went up with no tea breaks or any unscheduled breaks at a colleague’s work station etc.  Fortunately for me it ended in a couple of months with my retirement, actually three as even after my retirement colleagues would call me for clarifications, clearing doubts. And slowly those calls too dwindled, so much for your indispensibility. Maybe it is because of my impeccable ‘Handing over notes / Knowledge transfer ‘. Anyways the lockdown had thrown a spanner in my post retirement plans or at least made me postpone them for later.I am early riser, and after my morning ablutions and morning walks, I sit with my tea and the newspaper. I have weaned myself away successfully from the TV news, but the newspaper is a daily fix I need, without which my hands wpuld start trembling.  After going through the news, solving sudoko, crossword, word scramble and other  such, I was still left with a lot of time on my hands. Of course my wife has helped me to kill me, by giving me household chores (and it appears that it is gradually increasing). Even after all this I had time to twiddle my thumbs or stare at the ceiling with occassional peeps into FB and whatsapp.

I felt like Sherlock without a case. I was getting restless. So I called up my son and told him that I was going to upload his profile on a matrimony site. I told him that with the corona around, it would take a while, maybe a year for everything to be finalized,in line with his deadline. He didn’t object much, maybe because his friends were all getting hitched one by one. I asked him for some recent photos of his to be uploaded. ‘How can anybody make a choice, by looking at photos?’, he asked. ‘ I don’t know,if you can’t  you need to find your own girl, I retorted. ‘ I don’t have the time for that, he said. ‘ Then this is the only way left’, I replied. Actually, there are a great deal of variables such as mutual preferences based on age,height, weight, colour,working status, family status, ancestral origins, parents, horoscopes, eating habits, other habits. The list could go on endlessly.  He wondered about the probability of everything falling into place.  I tried to respond philosophically saying, the girl you will marry is already born and out there somewhere, it is just time to get to her. He said, ‘technically,if I get married when I turn 50 to a 20 year old girl, that girl would be yet to be born.’ Couldn’t beat that logic though I was hoping that he would not wait to get married at 50, even if it is to a 20 year old.

And so I have been busy, scouring through profiles, answering calls from parents of girls, chatting, writing mails, video calls with my son discussing about profiles that have shown interest or those that appear interesting. On one such call he asked incredulously , ‘You guys met once and decided to get married?’.  ‘Yeah’, said my wife, ‘we did and have been married for 30 years’. To the day.

PC: Garnaik Sumeet

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  1. October 25, 2020 10:46

    A Pearl Wedding Anniversary has come into being
    Albeit put across as son’s bride-seeking
    Abundant good wishes
    Is what one dishes
    Out to this Funny Facebook Friend — without stinting!

  2. svenkataramana1 permalink
    October 27, 2020 20:06

    “👌👌👌He looked at me as if to say, look where it has brought you” – idi super sir…

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