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The game has started

April 11, 2019

The Game has startedThe quinquennial game has started. In right earnest. Of course sometimes the games are shortened due to foul play or referee’s invention. It is a very interesting game because some players will change sides before the game starts, citing that the team they were in is not so good as they thought it to be, or because they are benched and not given a chance to play. Then, there is a team in which the players fight with each other for the first half and play together in the second half. It is even more fun for the spectators for they are given to believe that they are the ones who will choose the winner. The players instead of playing their game usually criticise their opponents for their lousy game and the other side too does the same.

One team is full of right wingers and are not bothered about it because they think the centre is theirs anyways. Whereas in the other team there are no right wingers, but only left wingers. There is centre in this team but are divided as centre forwards and centre backs. The centre forwards claim they are playing for the backwards but the centre backs reject this and say they are the true defenders of the backwards. During play the left wingers fight with the centre for some part of the game and combine beautifully during the remaining time. Coming to goal keepers, one of them says that he is not only the custodian of his team but also of the other team and all the spectators as well to boot. But the other who has still not decided whether to be a goalie or a centre midfielder stoutly pooh poohs that claim stating that he has left a few slip.

At half time it would appear that the right wingers have become left wingers and vice versa. It is because at half time the teams change sides, but the spectators remain where they are. That is the bane of the spectators, but you will not see any regret on their faces. Instead you will see pride as they go about posting selfies to prove that they had indeed been the ones who had played a part in selecting the winner. And there are those who do not want to go the stadium even though they have tickets, scornful of those in the stadium wondering what the fuss is all about. For them It does not matter which team wins, for it is not their ball game.

There will the usual fights on the ground and in the stands. There will be referee bashing. There will be expert commentary. Betting and gambling on who the winner might be. And god forbid if the game ends in a tie. Both teams then try to entice players from the other side who have scored, so that their score can also be added to their team’s. I know it is a bit confusing, but if you keep at it, you would soon start liking it. May the best team win. Be a part of it. Or you may have to wait for another 5 years Good luck.

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  1. April 11, 2019 21:38

    One team has tried to introduce the practice of appointing coaches or “margadarshak mandal” however their lal-Mourinho refused.

    : D Haha. That is because there is no seat for him to sit. How long can a poor coach keep running to and fro on the sidelines.
    Thank you Vivek for the visit

  2. April 11, 2019 22:55

    Of football, i know nothing
    Of election, i know something
    But you liken it well
    And this i can tell
    Your humor is superbly mixed in everything!

    Thank you Gul

    Actually I do not know anything on nothing
    or should it be nothing on anything
    but since you humour me
    and let me be
    I go around thiking I’m adding humour to everything. 🙂

  3. svenkataramana1 permalink
    April 12, 2019 08:24

    Super comparison sir.The game has indeed begun at our place.The players hit left right & centre in all booths & everyone is claiming his victory..Let’s wait & watch.

    Thank you Ramana. Yeah let us wait and watch

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