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Listeners’ choice

December 29, 2018

Listener's ChoiceGeet:  Hi, I am Geeta. Friends call me Geet. I am from Kerala. I have been living in Chennai for the last few months. I got a job in an IT company here.  I am staying in a ladies hostel close to my office. I feel homesick quite often. I am not able to acclimatize myself to this new city and more so to this hostel. I don’t have any friends worth mentioning either at the work place or at the hostel, but I am slowly warming up to my roommate. Maybe it is shared liking for fish. Or is it communism? She is from West Bengal and there are so many similarities- fish, football, communism, education, hartals, movies and music. She is always singing. I do not understand the lyrics. Of course I recognized a couple of Salil Chowdhury’s songs, so very similar to the songs that I grew up hearing. She has a sweet voice. She also bosses me around making me do things for her. I think I am attracted to her. I like her a lot.

Mala: Hello, I am Mala. I have come here from Kolkata to study and boy, am I happy! I am just loving it here. It is only been a month, but I have started loving this city. Back home people had tried to scare me, saying that there was a strong bias against North Indians, about the food here, or safety, but I found all of them unwarranted. I found the people warm, the food absolutely yummy and I have felt the safest here in all my years of existence. I have to tell you though, that my roommate is a tad irritating. She is always behind me and touching me more than is necessary. There is a saving grace. Our room is bigger than all the rooms in the hostel and has a balcony, overlooking a park.  I am an early riser. I enjoy sitting out on the balcony with my tea (have to thank my mom for packing an electric kettle) watching the early morning joggers, and listening to the chirping of birds as they go about their daily routine of foraging for the proverbial ‘early ’worms. And the songs, that come from the house next door. I practically wake up and go to sleep listening to him singing. Amit is his name. His mother keeps calling him every third minute, asking him to do this or that. A doting mother she is. I have seen him a few times. Tall, well built, a body that matches his voice He sings in many languages, usually accompanied by a violin or a flute. His Bengali is awesome and flawless, I must say. And what a voice! A voice to die for. A voice to fall in love with.

Amit: My mother takes the cake. She is forever treating me like a small child. Always advising me what to do. I have still not gotten over doing what she had asked me to do. Engineering. Though my heart was in music. I still use technology that I learnt in my music. Music is my life and is in my blood. One day I will make it big in this music industry. My father died when I was very young, that I do not even remember how he looked. Whenever I think of him I can only visualize his face from the framed photograph in the Puja room. He was a good singer, my mother often says fondly, but that is what she says about my singing too. You have to give to her, for single handedly bringing me up. The sacrifices she had to make for me to have a happy childhood. I owe it to her. To make her happy. I think that there isn’t a place for another woman in my life. Maybe that is why I don’t get attracted by girls.  Now my time is spent in composing songs and sending them to potential music directors. Mostly to Sayan.

Sayan: I am a budding music director. Chances are that you would have heard my music many times over in the course of your day. Most of the popular jingles that you hear on television or radio were composed by me. I will be debuting as a music director in a movie that is to be released early next year. I am flooded with voice samples from wannabe singers. And this guy Amit is trying to bury me with his contribution. He has a strong rustic voice. Very different from the trained voices that I get to hear. Like a wild river. Mostly love songs. Soulful. And the quantum is mind boggling. I have a sneaking suspicion that he knows. About my preference. I had met him once after one of the music programs. A handsome hunk. I really wouldn’t mind if he knew.

PS: If you were reminded of Amin Sayani’s  Cibaca (Binaca) Geet Mala , it is purely intentional

5 Comments leave one →
  1. December 29, 2018 12:30

    Soulful, the subtle and not so subtle hints you’ve strewn across the words, and people 🙂

    • December 30, 2018 08:39

      Thank you Usha. That you liked it is a great endorsement for me.

  2. December 30, 2018 09:48

    Come on Govind 🙂 I’ve always admired your writing 😊

  3. December 30, 2018 11:49

    He leads us on with hints oh so subtle
    And ends with the opposite of a rebuttal
    The stories he wove
    Could, by jove
    Blossom into more, with — or without — mixed doubles!

    • December 31, 2018 13:06

      And by Jove
      does the crap I wove
      such praise behove
      then this limerick will be in my trove

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