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The NN1 stories – part 1

March 29, 2017

This is the initiative of Ashwathy and  I have only re-blogged her post. Actually I was one of them  who was bullied into, as she has mentioned in her post. Just kidding, I don’t think she is capable of bullying anyone  and even if she did, no one would take it seriously. For that matter I don’t think she is capable of being serious and be without her laughter even for a second. I have not met her but when I see her picture I can hear her laughter. I will let you into a secret, in spite of her reminder about half an hour before the scheduled time, I missed it and the picture credited to me is actually a little later than the scheduled time. It was fun doing the click and the write-up, as everything with Ashwathy is. Now go forth and multiply enjoy the post- Govind

Vaayadi Pennu

Part laziness, part procrastination, part how do I make a shorter post, and then I decided why not divide the picture tale post into two and post it on different days/two-three posts.

Some of you may remember thepicture story posts I was hosting last month, ababy ofNorm… A group of us decided, and the rest volunteered and a few were bullied into taking pictures at 6pm their time on the last Saturday of February. Here’s the first set fromGovind,Pixie,Akhila&Bikram.

You are free to cross post it, like, comment and share on your blogs and spread the happiness of 4 people at 4 different places clicking at an appointed time and writing a snippet about what they felt about their click.

PS. To read the stories in larger font, click on each picture. Enjoy. Thanks guys for participating !…

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