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May 26, 2015


As she entered the living room, there was an interview going on TV. A  nondescript old man, in an ill fitting suit  was being interviewed by a young reporter. She had seen this man, but she couldn’t remember who he was. From the conversation she understood that they were discussing about her. In fact for the last three months, the whole country was discussing about her. Right from the time she disappeared with only her secretary, everybody, including those who didn’t bother about her when she was around, wanted to know where she had gone. Her company did not know where she had gone. All they said was she had gone to an undisclosed destination to introspect about the huge loss that the company had incurred  in the previous quarter. They had lost big time to their competitor  Even people who were close to her  had no clue about her whereabouts.

It is not everyday that a CEO of a famous business house disappears without a trace. All TV channels had a field day. They ran programmes, debates, hounding the senior managers of the company to tell the country where their CEO had gone. To their credit the management held fort telling the anchors hat they need not have to tell them where their CEO had gone. And so it had gone on, till 15 days back when she came back as suddenly as she had gone. She kept to herself never speaking to anybody, A week later, started the massive over haul at the company. She fired some senior people. She hired some young people from other industries. She swapped the portfolios of some managers. The Board played along. The experts as usual, were divided. Some said it was brilliantly strategic while others said it was utterly foolish, The industry was abuzz with her actions. The markets reacted favourably to all this and the company gained some ground.

The media wanted to have her on the show, especially the guy from MITES WON, wanted to have a exclusive interview, Like hell, I will give that mite an interview she thought to herself.

Failing to get some juicy sound bytes from her,the media did the next best thing. They ran programmes with her competitors. She turned to look at the TV as she remembered the old man to be her lesser known competitor. The reporter was asking him what he thought of her return from her sabbatical. The old man removed his spectacles , paused for effect, looked into the camera and said, “I think, the one who has come back is not the one who left”.

She turned to her secretary, smiling and asked, ” Do you think he knows?”

Sparked from a news item:

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  1. May 27, 2015 12:16

    Wow. Didn’t expect that. 🙂

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