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Star in the apple

February 14, 2015

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A few days back, one of my colleagues asked me, why I wasn’t updating my blogs anymore. He went on to say, hold your breath, that I have a talent that can be put to commercial use. As if on cue, couple of days later, I got a mail from one of my virtual friends, blogpal I call them,  among other things, asking me why I had stopped writing. I assured her that I would do something about it. More recently I attended a wedding, the father of the bride, my wife’s uncle,was introducing me to some relatives. He told them about my blog and that he liked my style of writing and went on to pop the question the other two had posed. I don’t believe in coincidences, but this was too much to ignore. To think that, a few people(okay,okay,three people) felt that my writing was good and to really miss them was overwhelming. And I like to believe that there are other people who also feel similarly, but were not expressing them in as many words. Seriously I don’t consider myself as a serious writer. I am lazy and am capable of putting the word procrastination, to shame. But to these people,  who enjoyed my writing,  people who had the patience, or should I say audacity to cut the apple horizontally and marvel at the star inside, I owe something back. And what better day, than today, to make a commitment. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. March 15, 2015 19:09

    A good story keeps you guessing, even if it isn’t a story, the way one is led the denouement as it were is what always keeps one coming back to the writer’s works. Likewise this blog 🙂

    Procrastinating or not (for that I have the award/title for now 😀 ), there will always be readers here, so we hope to be spun even more by the tales you weave!

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