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No Thangamani…. Enjoy

November 24, 2013

My wife has left me again. Four and a half years to the day, making me handle the trauma of the semester exam for the elder son and pre-quarterly or pre-half yearly (whatever that means) of the younger. This time around I have decided not to get stressed and make the most of it.

(for those of you who cannot follow tamil,here’s the jist of the conversation and not transliteration)

Man: (weeping) Thangamani…. (wife’s name)

Wife: Don’t you go gallivanting because I am not there,

Man: Don’t leave me Thangamani

Wife: Don’t start smoking and drinking once you see my back

Conductor: Get in fast, we need to go

Wife: Remember no hanky panky or I will come back and kill you

Father-in-law: I will drop a mail as soon as I reach home.

Man; My wife has gone to her mother’s place….. my wife has gone to her mother’s place……. my wife has gone to her mother’s place……. haven’t you gone yet?

Wife: How can I ? My bag is with you.

Man: My wife has finally gone to her mother’s place.

PS: My wife has gone to her mother’s house not for reasons in the video.. God forbid…. she has gone to see her grandmother who is celebrating her 94th birthday on Monday and will be back on Tuesday. Let me not waste anymore time.

Video courtesy: Ahamed Noor

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  1. November 24, 2013 23:32

    Nijama santhoshamaa? 😛

    Birthday wishes to the Grand Lady, on her 94th! Prayers for good health and happiness too!

    So, Yenjaay; the cat- errrm – lady of the house, of course, must know this too;
    Furthermore, she’s probably having the time of her life, as well, away from all that stress 🙂 which, of course, you’re going to savour 🙂 🙂
    Good one, Govind!

    Thanks Usha! About the lady having the time of her life must be true the way she sounded when she called to tell me that she reached without any trouble.

  2. November 24, 2013 23:43

    Hahaahhaaha! Is your boss also enjoying with you??? I too have some good time for a week.

    • November 25, 2013 20:56

      Thanks Maddy! My boss is a woman :). Enjoy the break 😉

  3. sujaselvam960401 permalink
    December 3, 2013 15:06

    Ha Ha !

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