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Wish a Role

January 28, 2013

(Not to be confused with Wish a Roop)

It is the second day that I have been sitting in protest outside the producer’sImage office. I was sitting in protest against showing our community in poor light, in his soon to be released movie. What community we represent, you might ask. All in good time my friends.

There was a motley crowd of people standing around me and also a lonely police constable assigned to control the crowd. The news had gotten around by word of mouth. My mouth actually, I had called a couple of journalists who were notorious in bringing sensational news to the public through their newspapers. Promptly they had reported about the injustice to us and also warned about the possible law and order situation that might arise out of this without asking me any further details.  This had the desired effect, and slowly people were trickling in to see what the hullabaloo was all about. One more day, there would a big crowd. There is no dearth of idle people here and plus you don’t get such things happening that can help them take their minds off their troubles and tribulations, very often.

Promptly, the next day, a representative from the government arrived. I told him about my community. He acknowledged that I was in the minority and promised that the government would everything to protect my interests. The movie was banned as there were other burning issues involving our community and the majority. The producer didn’t lose much time to file a case against the ban. A sitting judge was appointed to see if there was any objectionable material in the movie.

On the appointed day, a private screening was arranged for the judge. Both the aggrieved parties- the producer and I were present well before time at the preview theatre. The judge arrived with his family. Obviously the interest created by the controversy had made everyone to want to watch the movie. The judge, a portly man looked morosely around. I had half a mind to tell him to do some walking too, in addition to all his sitting, that is. Sensing his glum look, I decided to let it go. After two and a half hours of the movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed, the lights came on. The judge started as if woken from a deep slumber. He looked around slowly and then his gaze fell on me.

‘What is your problem?’ he asked in an exasperated voice, as if I was the reason for all his worldly troubles.

‘My community…., I started.

‘What is your community?’ he cut me short before I could finish what had become a well rehearsed line.

‘I represent the World Wide Malayalees, my Lord’. The ‘My Lord’ was the result of innumerable local movies I have been watching.

His Lordship looked confused. ‘Malayalee?…. there is no Malayalee in this movie’, he barked.

‘Exactly my grouse, my Lord’, I said. The ‘my lord’ was flowing more easily now. ‘We are a minority in this place and we demand a certain number of scenes depicting us in the movies. I request that this movie be released only after a few scenes of Malayalees are added. For the sake of art I am willing to help the movie maker by acting in this movie, for an appropriate fee, of course.’

The judge stormed out of the preview theater, but not before sentencing me to 6 months in jail for contempt of court. And all I wished was a role in a movie.

Perhaps the producer would be happy with the publicity that I had generated for this movie and might offer me a role in his next production.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to incidents real or reel is purely coincidental.

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  1. January 31, 2013 09:31

    A farce, really! Even two or three persons can create an obstacle to expression of freedom!
    Very good post!

  2. February 1, 2013 12:00

    Any one with an ulterior motive can demand support for his views. The ruling parties pander to such things with a view towards a vote bank. See what happens in Mumbai. Raj Thackeray with his M.N.S. creates hatred towards people from other states. This is a real anti-national move, but the government tolerates it in order to form an alliance with M.N.S.

  3. February 2, 2013 19:30

    Very good. Hope more of this kind.

  4. February 4, 2013 07:37

    Sneha, thanks for the visit. Tolerating the intolerants and not tolerating the tolerants seem to be the ‘mantra’ these days.

    Babuman. thank you. I have written about these politicians . Hope you had read this one.

    Caroline, thanks a lot. I hope I can write more of this kind. With your encouragement of course.

  5. February 6, 2013 21:53

    May that wish of yours someday come true 😀

    The allegory here is truly hilarious :D!

    There are chances that it might come true. We have a new addition in the family (niece’s husband) who happens to be in the movies. God help you all. 🙂

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