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Change for the better.

January 14, 2013

There are a few things that have been riling me of late.Image


Firstly, I fear that the rage that I build up while commuting to and from work, is one day going to consume me. No, it is not against the nincompoops who by virtue of their fancy vehicles feel that they own the roads. It is also not against those who park their swanky cars on the roads without a care for other road users, because they don’t have space to park their cars inside their house. I wonder if they would buy a refrigerator and leave it outside their homes for want of space.  I have long ago managed to accept them, as an inevitable part of the Metro culture. It is the roads themselves that cause the rage. They are pathetic stretches of slush, dug up for under-ground drainage that have not been covered or re-laid, sewage overflowing in spite of all the underground drainage work that have made the roads unmotorable. Roads that have man-hole covers half a feet below road level at some places and jutting out half a feet above in some places. What irks me more is the how the roads are laid where the high and mighty live. I yearn to take these 80 something, a foot in the grave ministers, MPs, MLAs for a ride on my scooter, till their vital organs pop out of their bodies. And I wouldn’t have to drive very far, for that to happen.


Next, there is a 2 hour power outage in Chennai everyday and a 8 hour ‘maintenance’ cut every month. I consider myself lucky because in other parts of the state the outages are for 16 hours or more. In spite of all the power shortages, it infuriates me to see the street lights glowing in the day-time. It is the Chennai Corporation which foots the bill.I once tried to tell the Electricity Board about these street lights. And they asked me all kinds of details that I couldn’t possibly answer.


Have you noticed or used our coins recently? The 5 rupee, 2 rupee, 1 rupee and the 50 paise coins all look the same. I don’t wear glasses. It is not because I am vain, but because I cannot accommodate  the glasses prescribed to me. It gives me a severe headache, a feeling of nausea and well, makes me very ill. I still manage to read without the help of a pair of spectacles Even I find it very difficult to differentiate the various coins. I just cannot imagine the fate of the visually impaired. I don’t know if there is any thought that goes into designing of these coins.  Will there be a change?…. for the better?


There is a Tamil saying ‘Thai piranthal, vazhi pirakum’ literally it means the beginning of Thai will bring forth all possibilities. Thai is a Tamil month which starts around the mid of January. It marks the northward journey of the sun, as the earth revolves around it. In North India it is aptly called ‘Uttarayan’ (northern movement). I hope that this Thai will bring some respite from the things that rile me.


I hope it brings some welcome change for you too.


A happy BHOGI, PONGAL, LOHRI, UTTARAYAN to all you folks!

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  1. January 14, 2013 21:39

    I hear you, Govind. Maybe we ALL have got to feel that anger equally to make some change possible.

    • January 28, 2013 22:03

      Thanks a lot Shail. I am sorry about the delay in acknowledging. But you know how these Gemianians are. Don’t you?.

  2. February 6, 2013 21:23

    As Shail has said, that Anger must be something All of Us feel… and that sadly, is yet to happen!
    We have too high a threshold of tolerance.
    May this year be different, though I am cynical enough to anticipate otherwise!

    Yes you are right, we have an exceptional high threshold
    And i feel that this year will be no different coz we are all so indifferent to issues till they hit us real hard

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