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The Privileged Lot

September 22, 2011

They can bad-mouth whoever they want, but you make any statement about them and you are in big trouble. You might be hauled up and be required to present at their place of work and give out your explanation as to why you said what you said or made to offer an unconditional apology with probably an assurance that you would not engage in such foolish and dangerous activity ever again.

Most times they are seen fighting amongst themselves, even stopping work for which they are chosen. A lot of times they prefer to walk out of their work place or work without any consequences. A work on which a lot of money is invested on. But there are times when you will be witness to their solidarity for instance, when they have to decide their own pay rise (sometimes doubling them) and perks or when someone from outside the circle states the obvious about them which a large number of people for whom they are a supposed to be working would concur. No sire, they cannot take criticism. They quickly pass it on their enemies or tell you how better are they from their enemies. But, for them there are no permanent friends or enemies. Their best friends may turn their worst friends or vice versa every five years or less.

They promise that the singular purpose of their existence is the up-lifting of the downtrodden and other marginal people, but the people for whom they are purported to be working still remain downtrodden and  even more marginalized.

They are above the law and cannot be arrested unless the head honcho at the place of their work gives the nod. A few of them are worth crores of wealth, while crores of the people whom they are supposed to protect do not have even the few essentials. How they could make so much wealth in short period of times baffles even the best of the investment advisors, considering that they start off with nothing to show off.

When they go about their jobs, the lesser privileged people are made to wait to let them pass or are made to take a circuitous route. The roads in their neighbourhood never gets flooded and don’t resemble craters on the moon where the commoners live.

They are insulated from rising prices and inflation.

They are insulated from insecurity.

They are mostly insulated from terrorist attacks as well.

They wouldn’t be bothered by petrol prices doubling in a couple of years especially with the convoy that escort them everywhere.Or if a cooking gas costs even Rs.1000 per cylinder.

They don’t have to bribe anybody to get their ration cards. In fact they don’t need a ration card.

They are not bothered if the country goes to dogs.

They don’t face power shortages except when they fail to be chosen again when their power gets cut. They will go to any extremes to prevent this from happening.

They don’t have a minimum educational qualification for their job and I have saved the best for last; they don’t have a retirement age.

They indeed are a privileged lot.

Picture courtesy: Internet

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  1. September 23, 2011 11:42

    I dont think you’v left anything out in your analysis of these privileged persons. In fact one wonders as to what it is that they have by way of qualities or what they do, that makes them deserving of the remuneration (all kinds!) and privileges they enjoy!!
    One word about them and they huddle together screaming foul and issuing legal threats to boot!
    Succinct. Concise. Apt and beautifully written, as always.
    (sent via mobile. I hopeit gets submitted)

    Usha, Thanks a ton! 🙂

  2. September 24, 2011 13:37


    First of all I also feel the same way as you. But, at times I feel are we jealous of them or indeed we are really feeling sorry for the downtrodden? Any ways, I do not know how will I be if I was one of those politicians. Is it a sort of disease that spreads once a person enters into politics and gets power or it is just that everyone wants to out do the other in leading a luxurious life.Either we have to experience this or correct this. Both can be done only by entering into politics. We can never hope that these people will change only because we onslaught them by our writings as they have thick skins capable of proofing them.
    What do u say Sir?

    Ram, thanks for commenting. At first it will appear that nothing will change,but perseverance will yield results. “Little drops of water wear down big stones.” -Russian proverb. It will take time but eventually it will.

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