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Goodbye my friend.

April 1, 2011

I first heard of her when I was working in the ‘field’. Before anyone assumes that I used to be an agriculturist let me clarify that field in sales parlance is the market, territory, area as opposed to the office. She was working in the head office in Chennai. I didn’t know what her designation was or her position in the organization, but I assumed that she was someone special, the way her name was spoken. On a rare occasion that I went to the office, I had a chance to meet her. I don’t remember much of that encounter; I guess I was so awestruck. She definitely was someone who could get things done.

It was  in 2003, when I became the product manager and moved to the head office, that I got to know her. The first thing that you will notice about her is her smile- warm and genuine, that comes straight from her heart and which will go straight into yours. She is a professional to the core always maintaining the distance at work, however close she is personally. A born diplomat, she is capable of warding off any sticky situation with that beautiful smile of hers. Her position entails her to interact with all the top managers and let me tell you that each of them is as wacky as they come. That she had managed to remain unscathed from the political cross-fire, speaks so much about her diplomatic skills. Her work also makes her privy to a lot of confidential matters and I have never seen her indulging in loose talk. The pressure of walking with such information is tremendous, that people tend to a) show off how much they know or b) crack under the stress of such knowledge, but not she.

She dutifully wishes everyone on their birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion. Hers would be the first wish that I get on such days. It should be true for others as well. Her data base should be phenomenally tremendous. Need I tell you that she is organized and very systematic? Most times the wishes would be accompanied by gifts that are hand made. She just doesn’t like to pick any gifts from the shops. Probably the only thing she buys from the shop would be the chocolates that accompany the gifts. The time and effort that goes into making these gifts speak volumes about how she cares for people. To say that she is talented would be an understatement. She used to do Telegu programmes for AIR (All India Radio), be the MC in all the official functions. In her present job she writes sub-titles in English for Tamil movies. How she finds time to juggle all her activities is a mystery.

In 2005, when our company closed shop, we all went our different ways. When we were ‘too busy’ to be contacting each and everyone, she used to be the one point contact to update us on what others were up to. Each one would have a fond memory about her and how she touched our life. My limitations prevent me from paying her the tributes that she deserves and capturing the essence that she is. I am sure she would have done a much better job if we asked her to do it?  Probably modesty would have prevented her from saying the truth.

Is it not true that only the good die young? Are the gods so selfish that they want to keep all the good things to themselves? But let me warn you all ye gods, be prepared for a make-over, for here she comes to make you all better gods.

We will miss you!


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  1. April 12, 2011 15:05

    You know what, Govind? I’ve read this more than five times, and each time I decided to leave the comment till later… only each time it was a while before I read it again.
    The first couple of times I was terribly uncertain; I mean… the tone was a bit confusing. Of course it has the tongue-in-cheek gentle humour, but the last paragraph kind of jolted me. So I was left confused about how to respond. Then I cheated. Lol! I waited. And luckily went across one day to your earlier blog. The mystery was solved there.

    Frankly, it was a relief to know there was no real loss. And yes, it is a beautiful way to remember someone, even if it a bit preempted. One wonders if one will be written about like this. Suddenly I have started thinking of what will be written about me. And then I realize… it just simply does not matter, because I wont be around to read it!

    • April 23, 2011 19:34

      Sorry it took a while to reply. I was down with fever. I agree there is a goof up on the tense used. It was deliberate as it was difficult to write a obit for a person who is alive. Charu had been behind me for almost close to a year asking me to do this. Finally I got to do this on All Fools day. There has been mixed reactions from her relatives on FB but almost everybody admitted that it was written well.

  2. May 7, 2011 21:23

    I was a bit confused reading this as well. On one hand, you seem to respect and miss this woman, on the other it seems that you are showing the reserved, rather limited side of her personality in some respects. I like how you ended this post though and I agree, not only the good die young but sometimes it certainly seems that way.

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