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It’s that time of the year….

August 7, 2009
Fact 1. The annual mating of red-sided garter snakes is a tourist attraction in Manitoba, Canada. That’s because when a female garter snake emerges from hibernation, she releases a pheromone that attracts hundreds of male snakes in the vicinity to rush her and create a large squirming “mating ball.”
Fact 2. Like many snakes, the male garter snake has two penises, called “hemipenes,” on each side of its body. The male will try to use the best-positioned penis to mate with the female in the center of the mating ball.
Fact 3. As if the two facts above aren’t strange enough, turns out there is “she-male” snakes that releases pheromones just like the females do (and fools hundreds of other males to pile up on him/her). Why? Scientists think that this gives the she-male warmth and protection (and attention, too, I’m sure).
The annual event of women of different size and age, being after me was here.
There were also telephone calls from ladies I know or used to know asking me, ‘your place or mine’. I had to take a lot evasive action to escape from these stalking women

I had to pass the offer from a good number of the fairer sex as I could only entertain, for want of time, some selected offers , with assurances to the not so fortunate that I will honestly take up on their offer at least in the coming years, if not the next year. (Phew, it took quite an effort to end the sentence).

When my wife heard this, she was livid and went on and on about me being insensitive, sympathizing with the unlucky women who couldn’t tie up with me. I have started feeling ashamed for depriving the beautiful women, their pleasure.

I know some of you will curse me for my cruelty and rest brand me as a foolish nincompoop for different reasons though. But you should understand that I fancy wearing half sleeved shirt and I can’t imagine going out, with my entire right arm covered with Rakhis.

Oh yes, for all of those who are wondering what the bit about red sided garter snake is all about, a small percentage of my even smaller readership were complaining that my posts were neither entertaining nor informative. I don’t know if I can make them entertaining but I could definitely add some information.

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  1. Dhiman permalink
    August 9, 2009 15:23

    This one was both informative and entertaining as well 😀

  2. shail permalink
    August 10, 2009 12:44

    Whoa! I somehow managed not to run away from your page after seeing the picture of the red-sided garter snakes and even now am typing with my eyes closed. No typos I hope.

  3. PRG permalink
    August 15, 2009 09:16

    @ Dhiman-thank God I could satisfy at least one soul.
    @Shail- Hope you didn't read this with your eyes closed.

  4. shail permalink
    September 4, 2009 22:39

    Gorblimey, how did you guess??! :O

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